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As times change, should the way schools teach change as well. For years schools have taught abstinence-only sex education, which emphasizes abstinence from sex, and often avoids discussion of use of contraceptives but is this the most productive way to teach teens about sex, or should young teens However, even with this focus on all things sexual, there is a hesitancy to speak candidly about sex, in both domestic and educational settings.

Young adults are expected to know all about sex, without others explaining it or answering any questions about it. With so much false or exaggerated information on the internet, gossip magazines, or even scenes in movies, it appears that many have received wrong or irrelevant information, if any information at all Better Essays words 3.

Some parents argue that sex education should be taught at home or in their religious institution based upon their values. Should the public education system teach sex education to students. There has not been a solution that can be agreed upon unanimously. The youth of today cannot make educated decisions regarding sex if they are not properly educated. This choice of not allowing comprehensive sex education is schools is dangerous and can have life long consequences.

These consequences will not only affect the individual but can ultimately affect America. It is vital for Americans to begin giving their youth the education that is needed Powerful Essays words 4. Sometimes teaching sex education at all in schools are banned rise. These problems have solutions, however, there are ways to fix them, so teaching sex education to students is done the right way and is accepted by the parents. Sex education is not a topic that some parents want teachers talking to their teens about. Without it being taught at school, some students will not get proper education because students will not get the proper education as some parents will choose not to talk about it with their teens In the fifteenth century, scientists and educators raised the issue of sex education of children and adolescents.

This topic particularly was discussed after the sexual revolution that occurred in the past century, when there were the first attempts to introduce sex education courses first as electives, and then as a mandatory class It is one of the most important factors in life. Children need education to support themselves and their families. There are many different options, but how does one know which choice is the most beneficial for a child Strong Essays words 2. The results of the examination have been received with mixed feelings across the population as there has been a spilt between people arguing for and against the issue.

Ideally, reviews of the cons and pros illustrate disagreements among experts and researchers. Promoters of co-ed education argue that: students learn to communicate with each other of different genders; boys seem to study harder to impress the girls and that such schools are more opening since students are able to view different perspectives Strong Essays words 4. For every 1, girls 70 teens are pregnant. Also, Arizona is ranked 16th highest state for syphilis, as well as 11th highest state for chlamydia.

In the state of Arizona, people out of , have reported consuming an STD. Sex education has proven in many areas to be very beneficial. Sex education is a very controversial topic with parents. Sex education should be taught because it gives young people information which allows them to make an educated decision for themselves whether or not to have sex Strong Essays words 6 pages Preview. However, where do they learn about sex. Most schools have a health class that touches on the subject of sex or they have sex education classes.

A lot of the classes happen in high school; however, some are being taught as early as middle school. The conservatives and liberals have debated for years whether or not they should ban these courses.

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The dispute over sex education in school has been tested to see if the classes decrease sexual activity among teens in the United States Better Essays words 4. Now, for decades, there has been controversy on the proper way to educate young adults about sexual intercourse, sexually transmitted diseases and the different forms birth control. This is a very serious topic because the United States is ranked first among developed nations in rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, while there are still 38 States that still do not require mandated sex education at all and another 41 states do not require sex education to be medically accurate Stranger-Hall The problem is, many sex education courses teach based on abstinence from sex until marriage Though more Americans share the belief that abstinence-only education denies youth the information they need about contraceptive use to protect themselves from pregnancy and STDs, abstinence-only is still the primary method of sexual education offered in most U.

S schools. Conservatives believe that comprehensive sexuality programs encourage adolescents to engage in sexual activity, and if any teachings about sexual education are allowed, they should focus on an abstinence-only curriculum A phrase would make most middle schoolers cringe or giggle, and most high school students groan. Whether it was looking at diagrams of reproductive organs, reading about people who regret having sex before marriage, or watching slideshows with pictures of various genitals laden with disease, most sex education seemed disgusting and terrifying to students.

Worst of all, much of it was incorrect. In reality, a shocking amount of sex education taught to students is misleading and untrue in many cases Currently, when people think of how they were taught sex education in high school, most would say something along the lines of that they were taught the anatomy, and they were taught to never actually use it.

This approach to sex education has been going on for decades, and despite being proven unsuccessful countless times, continues to be taught in this fashion because this is what makes the people happy S in according to Guttmacher Institute. This is not a small number in compare to the whole population of the world. And what is the main reason why this sad number exists. We could blame poor education in sex for this controversy issue During the sex education course, there could be topics that include sexual health, sexual reproduction, and sexuality.

Many of these topics can make parents feel uncomfortable when talking to their children.

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Sexual advertisement it made easily available to children by it being in a movie, on a magazine cover, or even in their favorite song During a sex education course, there could be topics discussed that include sexual health, sexual reproduction, and sexuality.

When talking to teenagers about these subject matters, the topic can make parents feel very awkward and uncomfortable.


Because of this, parents might be very vague in talking with their children about sex, and possibly might not talk about it at all with them Strong Essays words 5. Students are not getting educated by a certified adult, but they are simply going by what they learned from an older sibling or friend. Not only are their peers telling them, but the media and Hollywood glorify sex without showing its risks It is no question that there are some students who have sex. Since children are being taught everything by the school systems, sexual education should be included in that as well.

Kids should be taught about sex education with the knowledge of contraceptives A lot of people become sexually active in their teenage years. How are they supposed to learn about the precautions of sex. Sex education in schools has been debated for years in congress. Also, many parents have an opinion on whether or not they want their kids to learn about sex in a school setting.

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I, on the other hand, believe that sex education should be taught to teenagers in schools When sex education is disregarded and rejected, problems may occur. If you demonize it when you 're young, it becomes much harder when you get older. Better Essays words 3 pages Preview.

Sexual education in schools is a highly debatable topic. Some religious and cultural groups are opposed to it. For example, Muslim parents may by offended by sexual education at schools because they view it as promotion of sex outside of marriage Zimmerman J. This is goes against some of the fundamental pillars of faith for Islam This dark room and decision represent someone about to have sex for the first time, after having little knowledge on what sex truly is and the consequences that often times accompany it.

Sexual education has been a very big issue for debate in schools all across America. Abstinence-only sex education is a type of instruction where students are taught solely to remain abstinent, which means waiting to have sex until marriage However, some people refuse to recognize the need for one class and that is sexual health education. I absolutely believe sexual health education is needed to better the quality of life for students today.

While these classes should not encourage teens to participate in sexual acts, they should be accurate and state only facts about sex. Currently, a nationwide national curriculum is nonexistent, but federal money is being used to fund abstinence only programs Mackler Since then a muddy controversy has arisen over whether that is the best approach. On one hand is the traditional approach of abstinence not having sex before marriage , and on the other is the idea that what is being done is not enough, and that there needs to be a more comprehensive approach Sexuality is interwoven into every aspect of being human; therefore, having knowledge about sex is as essential as having education about human anatomy.

However, it is highly recommended to pay close attention when sex education is delivered to youths. Donatelle What and when do American parents want their children to be thought about sex. This is an ongoing question that parents seek to find the best answer, to be able to inform their kids about sexuality in order to build up a strong foundation for sexual health Good Essays words 2. There are about , teen births every year in the U.

S, with about 9 billion in associated public costs. The approach and method for proper and effective sex education has been hotly debated. Some believe that teaching abstinence-only until marriage is the best method while others believe that a more comprehensive approach, which includes abstinence promotion as well as contraceptive information, is necessar People had drug parties where having sex with others was encouraged.

Couples known as swingers would swap partners or all four would have sex together. The government was experimenting with LSD and had many participants in studies on the substance and its effects on the mind. It was also the end of the Korean War and the beginning of the Vietnam conflict. Examine ways of creating effective titles, catchy introductions, and succinct conclusions. We will investigate ways of using your opposition and counter arguments to support your argument while maintaining a neutral tone.

Additionally, look at ways you to emphasize a rhetorical analysis and how to use these effectively while also addressing your audience appropriately. As a cover sheet for your rhetorical analysis, briefly describe the audience to whom you are addressing your essay. Since your audience dictates your tone, knowing exactly who your audience is will greatly influence the tone of your essay. Do this in the form of a letter to your audience in which you tell them exactly what you know about them and explain why they will want to read your essay and how it will affect their view of the issue.

Looking across the broad scope issues that have remained highly contentious in American public opinion, it can be effectively argued that the topic of sex education is one that continues to decisively divide popular culture.


On one hand, advocates argue that sex education is a necessary part of school curricula that helps to reduce the number of unwanted teen pregnancies and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. On the other hand, opponents of sex education curricula argue that educating students about the topic of sex only stands to increase sexual activity in an already highly sexually active group. Further, opponents of sex education assert that schools should not be responsible for teaching the primary grades about sex.

Many states have adopted mandates to teach sex education in the public education system beginning in kindergarten and continuing through senior high school. Youths are deprived of certain knowledge about sex and sexuality [ 54 ]. Specifically, present guidelines on SRE fails to include contemporary issues such as sexting, internet pornography, cyberbullying, or LGBTQ identities, and the notion of consent [ 20 ].

Moreover, students reported that they felt uncomfortable having their own teachers teach them about sex due to blurred boundaries and a lack of anonymity [ 55 ].

What is Sex Education?

In addition to school-based efforts, members of the wider community also play crucial roles in the provision of SRE for youths. For instance, some schools work with health professionals such as doctors and nurses in the development and delivering of SRE programs. Youth workers also play important roles in outreach work to provide confidential advisory services to children and young people outside of the school context [ 49 ].

Evidently, the effectiveness of school-based SRE relies predominantly on teachers. Yet, students reported dislike of their own teachers delivering SRE as they sensed the teachers being embarrassed and were poorly trained in this aspect [ 55 ]. Indeed, teachers themselves have reported feelings of awkwardness when delivering SRE [ 57 , 58 ].

When teachers were asked about the barriers they faced having to implement SRE, about half of the interviewed teachers identified the lack of training, and lack of time to develop and coordinate the SRE programs.